2018-2019 NYWC Board




Elise Michael '10

Vice President                     

Emily Wilson


Sam Wu '12


Claire Merrill '12

Past President         

Audrey MacIsaac '07


Board Members

Annual Events Co-Chair Brooke Bryant '03
Annual Events Co-Chair Rosa Fernandez '07
Alumnae Admissions Events Karen Seo

Alumnae Admissions & Interviews

Katie Eyring '12

Careers Co-Chair

Fatimah Gilliam '96

Careers Co-Chair Angela Mao '15
Careers Co-Chair Kamil Spagnoli
Careers Co-Chair Katie Crispi
Careers Co-Chair Kim Mallett

Communications Chair

Marion Glickson '10

Community Volunteer

Suzanne Salomon '69

Community Volunteer Catherine Binder
LGBTQ Chair Jessica Planos
Membership Co-Chair Janine Hegarty '10
Membership Co-Chair Anna Covatta
Membership Co-Chair Dorthea Damaskos '12
Member-at-Large Mary Flannery '80

Member-at-Large (Hospitality)

Karin Campbell '95
Recording Secretary Cathi Kim

Seniors Co-Chair

Karen Putnam

Seniors Co-Chair Robin Stevens Vogel

Seven Sisters

Simran Virk '14

Seven Sisters

Julia Probert '11

Website Manager (Website)

Kelli Stephens '12

Young Alum Co-Chair

Shyaan Hasnain

Young Alum Co-Chair

Margaret Van Cleve

Admissions Commitee  
Book Awards - Bronx & Queens Annelise Han '11
Book Awards - Brooklyn, Staten Island Janine Hegarty '10
College Fairs   Cara McGarian '10
Communications Committee  
Bimonthly Emails Marion Glickson '10
Writer/Editor OPEN
Facebook Moderator   Fawziyya Fox '05
Facebook Moderator Caroline Sun '10
Instagram Moderator OPEN
Photographer Mariam Amirkhanshvili '14
Photographer Caroline Sun '10
Newsletter      Gayle Jaegar '56
Programs Committee  
LGBTQ Programming Jessica Sirizzotti‚Äč '10

Young Alum Programming

Melissa Haley '11

Book Group

Sonia Berlin '04

Heads of Activities  
Friends of Art Rep    

Mary Flannery '80